Who is ice hockey for?

Ice hockey can be played by both boys and girls. Most clubs offer youth programs for children from the age of 4. But ‘late starters’ can also easily join one of the numerous clubs.

Is ice hockey suitable for my child?

What is ice hockey?

Ice hockey is a sport that mainly focuses on skills, speed, discipline and teamwork. The fast pace of an ice hockey game puts the coordination, agility and speed of the players to the test. Although ice hockey is played with a flat puck, it is technically a ball sport. A teams consists of 15 to 20 players. There are always 5 field players and 1 goalie on the ice who are constantly changing. A match consists of 3 periods of 20 minutes with 2 interruptions of 15 minutes. But for children, the size of the playing field and the length of the playing time is adapted to the age of the players.

Getting to know ice hockey

Where do you play ice hockey?

You play ice hockey at a club. There are numerous clubs all over the country. You can find the nearest club here.

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Why ice hockey for my child?

Commitment & Friendship

Ice hockey is a team sport. Your child will therefore come into contact with a whole group of peers. The long time they spend together inevitably creates friendships that last a lifetime.

Physical & Mental Health

Your child is challenged both physically and mentally during an ice hockey game. Due to the fast pace of the sport, a player has to keep his/her attention at all times and be able to make quick decisions.

Fun & Great Times

What could be more fun than having a great time on the ice with your friends, being able to release energy and feed your creativity?


In a team sport such as ice hockey, players work hard together during the weekly training sessions towards a common goal. Achieving these goals and seeing progress through hard work can greatly boost your child's confidence.

Education& Character

Ice hockey teaches your child to help others, to share and to get the most out of themselves. The training and exercises ensure that discipline and a sense of responsibility are created. Each player is responsible for the team's success.

Trial lesson

Do you want to introduce your child to ice hockey? Check out here for a try-out session close to your home.

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Ice Hockey Clubs

There are numerous ice hockey clubs all over the country. All clubs have a youth section and some also offer the opportunity to play recreational ice hockey occasionally.

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